10 Aug August 10, 2011

Fall Weather in Portland is Fast Approaching! Do You Need Moss Removal? (503) 473-7936

Why Is It Time to think about Moss Removal?

Time flies and now fall is on the way! Most people would agree that Portland Oregons Fall Weather is the best time of year. Cool enough to wear a jacket but not so hot that you feel like your melting and blue skies all around. Though we may love it outside, your roof may not, not if you’ve got moss.

Moss soaks up and holds water and water will freeze as temperatures allow and thaw out as it warms up. As that happens the water in the moss will loosen shingles and the granules on them causing the life expectancy of your roof to plummet. Once that happens and the wind picks up, which it always does in Portland, shingles could go flying off costing hundreds if not thousands in the end. Sounds unlikely but it happens all the time.

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With fall and winter, we all take precautions. We cover the faucets with foam coverings so pipes don’t freeze and burst. We plug up spaces in our foundation and caulk the windows to keep our home warm as it get colder outside. Why leave out something as important as the roof?

If you think you may have a Moss problem, call someone out to inspect it and see what needs to be done if any. This would also be a good time to make sure your gutters are working right too. What would you rather have? Spending a couple hundred dollars to keep your roof clean and sturdy or thousands to have it replaced because you never cleaned it? Take the steps now before you regret it later.


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