25 Sep September 25, 2012

Moss Removal: What Sets PDX Clean King Above the Competition?

Why Should You Pick PDX Clean King For Your Moss Removal Needs?

Since Portland has a rather wet and humid climate, moss is ever prevalent on tree, sidewalks and yes, your roof. With such a need for get rid of that pesky little green weed, there are of course many who set up shop to take care of it. We are one such business. PDX Clean King specializes in Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal in Portland Oregon. Now, there are a lot of guys out there that do what we do so… why should you pick us?

Moss Removal Done Right!

Portland Moss Removal

When it comes to your average run of the mill roof, there are two ways to remove moss. The right way and the wrong way. What is the wrong way you may wonder? Well many companies who offer roof cleaning services decide that pressure washing your roof would be the best way to remove the moss. Sure this may be the fastes way to get the moss off but it is also the fastest way to strip away the life of your roof. If a company offers to pressure wash moss from your shingles, send them packing!

PDX Clean King knows better. We will never pressure wash your composite roof. We have a worked out a proven and effective method for ridding your roof of moss while protecting the life of your roof. Want to know how we do it and why it works? Just ask.

We Have ALL The Proper Licensing For Moss Removal

If you’re calling around looking to get quotes for your roof moss removal you probably ask, are you licensed bonded and insured? Most of the time the answer you will get is yes. But you should also wonder if they have ALL the licensing they should.

When doing moss removal, most companies will use a moss pesticide on the roof they are working on. However, in the state of Oregon is it illegal for a company to use a moss pesticide without a license from the Oregon Department of Agriculture to do so and many companies do not carry this license. PDX Clean King on the other hand does have this license which also come with training on how to apply properly.

We Do Moss Removal But The Customer Is Our Number 1 Priority

Besides getting the job done right, customer service is what is most important to us. We’re a smaller company so we have the time to focus on YOU. You won’t get treated like just another faceless check. No one likes being treated that way including us so we won’t do it to you. At PDX Clean King, if we come out and do work and you notice something that perhaps we miss, we’ll come back and make it right.

So if you need Moss Removal, call us! You’ll be happy you did.

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